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Confidently Choosing an IT Support Company

By Jip · 04 Aug, 2018

Over the years I have noticed that as I go to meet a client and learn about his company, many of the newer business owners have never worked with an IT support company before and are really nervous about selecting someone to work with.

Seeking help can be scary and requires a lot of trust up front; just like trusting a car mechanic when you don’t know what’s going on under the hood. How do you know which kind of IT company is the right company for you?

Gaining trust with your IT team is key to building a successful partnership. After all, the IT team has access to some of your business most sensitive files.

In a crisis, some companies call a third-party service and some larger companies may lean on an informal pool of on-staff “experts”.

Nobody wants to learn the hard way that the lack of a back-up strategy has led to a complete wipeout of client records.