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TRUST Your IT Team: Questions to ask while choosing a team

By Jip · 04 Aug, 2018

Time: How much time does it take to address a support case? It doesn’t make sense to employ a team of IT specialists who take 2-3 weeks to return phone calls/resolve issues, or maybe they just leave you in the dark. This can be very frustrating and costly on a company while creating unnecessary down time. You’ll want to take into account the amount of time it takes the support team to address, fix, and close a case.

Understanding: How many times have you called a support line only to have the person on the other end sound like a robot? “They just don’t understand…” In our experience, the personality of our support team has won our clients’ trust and confidence. Anyone can know “how” to do something, but not everyone provides positive, supportive customer service. Our long-term relationships with clients are based on the fact that we do our job well and with a smile!

Skills/Certifications: Does the support company you’re looking at have any certified technicians for the particular technologies that your business operates? Certifications are like tools, they’re only useful if a team can successfully apply the knowledge to fix an issue.

Team: Does the company offer you a dedicated person to your account or multiple technicians? We have found that our team of technicians working together allow our customers to have cases resolved must more efficiently and the system is reliable.